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2020 Muse Design Awards 金獎殊榮

狂賀~~ 金莎設計團隊 榮獲2020年MUSE AWARD金獎 2020 Muse Design Awards

Share : Located in downtown Kaohsiung, this housing unit of 66 square meters has been transformed, through the designer’s adjustment of its original spatial plan, from a dwelling intended for a small family to a multipurpose space that accommodates both work and living, so as to be most cost-effective on a limited budget. The homeowner, a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist who has a keen eye for colors and has great insights, bought a distinctive grayish blue sofa before renovating the space. As such, the spatial design begins with the sofa, expanding and extending to end in a keynote white incorporated into Morandi blue and green. The main style of the space is thus shaped in a simple and light-retro form. Apart from her full-time job, the homeowner also engages in teaching makeup art and hairstyling...

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